Northeast Church of Christ
Monday, May 29, 2023

Internet Resources

Personal Devotional Life

A crucial part of the Christian's life is his/her personal relationship with God. It can be forgotten, ignored, and belittled; but a person's relationship ultimately suffers with a mediocre personal devotional life. Accept the challenge and increase your devotion today. The internet sources listed below may be useful to supplement your daily Bible study.

Disclaimer:  These websites are Christian-oriented resources that we provide because they can be helpful. However, we encourage every Christian to be discerning. The Northeast Church of Christ does not necessarily endorse the entirety of the content, products, services or viewpoints expressed by these sites. 

The Bible
Now you can read the Bible wherever you have access to the Internet. This site also has the Bible in audio format. This website has 50+ different reading plans, with options for customization and support to help you stay on track to read the Bible through in one year. You can select from several versions, parallel readings between versions, and many more features.
Bible Reading Plans This website offers Bible reading plans for the year.
Daily Devotionals
Heartlight Magazine online has daily devotionals, articles, art and more for Christians.
Worthy Devotions
Daily Christian devotionals, searchable by topic.
Use this link to have a Christian devotional delivered to your e-mail address
Monday through Friday, containing Bible verses, an illustration and a quotation.
Devotionals and Bible studies for teens.
Pathway Evangelism Joe Barnett, a long-time Christian writer, has a website that offers excellent quality, brief devotionals that can be sent to your email box.
Family Life
Home Word is an educational site for parents, with daily devotionals and articles regarding families.
Christian Living
A daily Internet publication dedicated to stimulating personal and public thought, prayer, and discussion about living the Christian life.
Creation, Evolution, Christian Apologetics Discussion of creation vs. evolution, scientific issues Resource for Apologetics Videos
Creation Worldview Ministries Dedicated to defense of the faith and improving public understanding of the Bible's incredibly accurate perspective on the origins and history of our world.